The most reliable partner

We have numerous technical distribution companies which deal with the procurement, stocking, processing, selling and distribution of an extensive array of top-quality engineering components. Our group of companies also offer a wide assortment of technical as well as logistic services. On one hand, Eriks is an inventive, broadminded and versatile partner to its clients. on the other hand, it has an extremely solid and balancing relationship with the manufacturing companies that it has partnered with, thanks to its large customer base and market.

The spring of knowledge

Eriks has a very large workforce and tens of operating companies in various countries and continents. Our activities are grouped in eight categories, each serving a particular geographic area of its market. When it comes to our range of engineering parts and respective services, they are also grouped into eight major activities. Each of the group has its related product group.

The best for industrial supply

We serve over 200,000 industrial customers who we supply over 680,000 range of items across the world from more than 1,000 competent suppliers and manufacturers. Our solid logistics infrastructure has enabled us to this comfortably. We source new producers and evaluate the existing suppliers and products on a continuous basis in order to offer products with the highest quality.

Brand-independence approach

Although we get and supply an extensive array of quality brands from stock and have solid relationships with the relevant manufacturers for immediate benefit to our clients, we rationally operate in a brand-independent way. The brand-independence approach allows us to supply a product or quality level that matches a certain application.