Steam Trap Survey

Service: Steam Trap Survey
Industry: Pharmaceutical
Customer: Global Pharma Plant

A steam trap survey was conducted by ERIKS together with our partner TLV for a Global Pharmaceutical Plant located in Singapore as part of Energy Savings Initiatives.

What is a Steam Trap Survey?

It is an audit of the steam traps on customer site, undertaken to determine the operational state of all traps where energy savings can be achieved.

Why do a Steam Trap Survey?

To increase the system’s efficiency by detailing which steam traps have failed or are not functioning within their peak operating parameters.

  1. Return of Investments (ROI) = Less than 3 months
    Investment cost will be recovered in less than 3 months.
  2. Benefits
    • Improve Safety & Production Reliability by rectifying all failed Locations.
    • Optimize Energy Efficiency through proactive maintenance of identified failed locations: Replacing or rectifying of the failed traps to realize an estimate S$60K/Year of energy Savings.
    • Maintain Stable Operations with regular inspection and maintenance to reduce to ensure optimum operating conditions.


Completion of Steam Trap survey in resulting in energy savings estimated S$60K per annum, in a less than 3 month Return-On-Investment.