Sustainability – ERIKS Project Future Proof


While actively developing our businesses, ERIKS place great importance on Sustainability. ERIKS’ Project Future Proof is where we drive six sustainability target within the 3 main pillars of Drive Efficiency, Strengthen Society and Influence Change

In ERIKS, sustainability has been integrated into our business plan and is seen as a day-to-day operation. We are in a unique position to influence change in suppliers and customers. We can work with our suppliers and customers by:

Ultimately,  these will help our suppliers and customers to improve on their efficiency, reduce energy consumption, waste disposal costs and further increase their productivity.

ERIKS emphasize on environmental responsibility and are committed to drive efficiency. In return it helps us to reduce energy use, water consumption, waste production and footprint on the planet.

In addition, we are part of a larger community and therefore our actions must not only build businesses, but also to strengthen society. ERIKS vision of sustainability goes beyond our business and profitability alone, thus the Corporate Social Responsibility has become an integral element of business plan within the APAC region.


Please visit ERIKS Sustainability website for more details.