How ERIKS APAC is dealing with COVID-19

25 August 2020

ERIKS’s Message to Our Valued Customers

We understand there is a concern during these unprecedented times around health and safety issues leading to business continuity risk.  In support of these concerns, we want to provide clarity around our approach to mitigating these risks and protecting our ability to support your business.

The health and safety of our employees, customers, and suppliers is our top priority. 

We continue to monitor the developments surrounding COVID-19 and guidance from the local governments, health and medical authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure we take all necessary steps to ensure continuity in service and safe working operations for our employees, customers and suppliers.

Here are some examples of the steps we have taken so far:

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Management:

  • A focused BCP management team has been put in place to effectively monitor and guide the business through this rapidly changing situation. The BCP management team makes regular communications in the form of calls, meetings, and emails to all stakeholders and provides updates.

Employees’ Safety:

  • Employees and teams have adopted new working practices, such as remote working, tele-conferencing and split teams, to minimize risks of spreading infection while ensuring the continuity of business.
  • Employees have received education on how to detect COVID-19 symptoms, maintain personal hygiene and avoid the spread of infection.
  • Additional supplies of personal hygiene products and personal protective equipment, such as hand sanitizer and face masks, face shields have been provided and placed in workplaces.

Supply Chain:

  • We have increased our stock levels of critical items and those that may be disrupted in the future, with the support of our parent company and suppliers.
  • We are closely monitoring our current stock levels on an ongoing real-time basis, and contingency plans are in place to avoid shortages by identifying and reviewing alternative brands and products available in our stocks.
  • We are monitoring our suppliers and their stock/production output to ensure we have the products that our customers require.
  • Governmental regulations and official advice are being monitored and regularly communicated so that we are aware of any further disruptions that may affect supply lines.
  • We have run scenarios to assess the possibility of unforeseen impacts both in the long and short term so we can take mitigating measures now.


  • All areas of the business have access to the latest communications technologies and collaborative platforms, such as Business Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat and Microsoft Teams to keep communication channels open with our employees, customers, and suppliers.
  • The technologies allow our sales, procurement, technical and operations teams to connect with you directly and support you with any specific concerns or challenges you may have.
  • The ERIKS IT infrastructure has been tested to ensure effective remote working, allowing normal operations to continue.


These are indeed challenging times. We are confident that with the measures taken by our organization and team, we will continue to be safe and available to support you and your business.

We thank you for your patience, and we wish you well.


Stay Safe and Stay Strong.


Rashmi Ranjan Raj

Managing Director, ERIKS APAC