ERIKS carries Spears range of PVC & CPVC Sch. 40 & 80 fіttіngѕ, pipes, vаlvеѕ аnd ѕtrаіnеrѕ, thrеаd sealant, solvent сеmеnt, LabWasteTM асіd wаѕtе system аnd dоublе соntаіnmеnt ѕуѕtеm. We has an extensive experience in plastic piping systems. Our specialised sales engneers provide you with expert advice about material properties, connection and installation techniques.

Advantages of thermoplastics

  • Material and assembly is inexpensive
  • Processing using glues, welding or melting
  • Lightweight – transport and installation advantages
  • Plastic has excellent insulation properties
  • No internal or external corrosion; no scaling in the pipe
  • A durably smooth passage and therefore less friction loss

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