At Eriks, we have an array of Fenner products for power transmission. They include, chain, sprockets, friction transmission belts, synchronous belts, pulleys, lock bush, coupling and shaft mounted speed reducer (SMSR).

Product range


Fenner Chain and Sprockets

The evolution of roller chain technology over hundreds of years has resulted in Fenner standard and Fenner PLUS products. The products feature design features and processes of production that are different and superior from the traditional ones. Fenner® sprockets come with Taper Lock® and pilot bored fixings and sizes 05B to 20B are in the forms of simplex, duplex and triplex.


Fenner V Belts

Fenner friction transmission belt drives provide the best solution for speed ratio flexibility, power capacity and excellent anti-static and oil resistant features.


Fenner Pulley

You can also get Fenner pulleys with dual grooves or the synchronous type of any size or style from our stores. For excellent flexibility, the pulleys have bore fixings or a shaft fixing system by Taper Lock system.


Fenner Synchronous Belt

Fenner synchronous transmission belts are perfect fits for a wide range of uses and offer high transmission of power and accurate positioning.


Fenaflex Coupling

Fenaflex Tyre Couplings have high elasticity and do not need lubrication. They can withstand much misalignment in any place. You can simply install or inspect these couplings without necessarily disrupting their drives. Another advantage of the couplings is that they are equipped with superb shock absorbing properties as they minimize vibration and torsional swinging.


Fenner Taper Lock Bush

Fenner Taper Lock bush with four holes is widely used in more than 40 million tasks, thanks to its ability to exact tolerances in steel as well as cast iron. The lock bushes are among the most prominent in the market and come in all sizes (metric and imperial). Whether you want Fenner Taper Lock Bush with any hub adaptors, bolt-on hubs or weld-on hubs, we have you covered.


Fenner SMSR

The Fenner shaft mounted speed reducer PowerPLUS provides a rough design as well as 50% more power to weight ratio as compared to the earlier version. Besides, the SMSR is smaller in size for enhanced portability and has more bore sizes.

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